Edizione Rossa 2020

Vine variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, 3% Merlot, 1%Lagrein,1% Petit Verdot => this selection is a choice of the best batch or edition of a vintage of the Cabernet Sauvignon respectively.

Description: This Edizione Rossa is a Cabernet Sauvignon which is unequalled for us because of its selection from the best barriques after about two year storage and then a further year of maturity in barriques. It is a creation which deliberately breaks the ranks. Its complexity in aroma and palette, and in particular its strength and versatility, make this Amistar Edizione Cabernet Sauvignon especially interesting for discerning moments.

Position: Grapes from different locations between Caldaro, Cortaccia e Laives

Land: The land goes from loam to deep porphyry.

Harvest: Various harvest times between the end of September and the beginning to middle of October (= dried grape harvest) because of the different locations. The Amistar concept requires a minimum of 19.0° KLM.

Yield: Approx. 50hl/ha.

Development: Mechanical removal of the stems, traditional mash fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature. Juice extraction of about 30 % in order to obtain an extreme ratio between juice and skins. That is, more skins and much less must in order to guarantee an ideal maceration or extraction respectively for the Amistar concept. When fermentation is completed the wine is extracted from the marc, all batches of Cabernet Sauvignon are then assembled in the available quantity parts of this vintage and then stored in barrique casks for biological acid degradation and for a 2 years developement.

Shelf like: From 10 to 15 years and longer, depending on the storage situation.

Serving temperature: 18 °C recommendation > decanting.

Food recommendation: This red wine selection is suitable for discerning dishes such as Fiorentina, to pork, etc. We also recommend trying Amistar Edizione with special dark chocolate (e.g. von Gobino Piemont - Amarissimi 60 % cocoa with cocoa chips from Ghana, Ecuador Arriba) . A combination worth trying is with cigars > possibly COHIBA~Esplendidos-Churchill.

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