Godparent for a Winestock

Vine sponsorship - A good wine is born in the vineyard!
Dear friends and fans of the Peter Sölva Winery,

The joy of enjoying a great wine and recognising its expression of vintage, origin and character of the vineyard´s soil and terroir is a fascinating taste experience.
This is exactly what we work on with passion: to harmonise the harvest of a vintage of vines perfectly with our individual handwriting.

With a vine sponsorship you support this complex interplay of terroir, vine and craftsmanship in the cultivation of the vineyard and thus the preservation
of our traditional South Tyrolean cultural landscape and the roots of quality.

Godparent Christine & Florian Brunch 2023-2024

Godparent Christine & Florian Brunch 2023-2024

Joris Maier 2023- 2024

Godparent Jens Silvan 2023-2024

Godparent Bernd Becker 2023- 2024

Godparent Emil Proksch 2023 - 2024

Godparent Johanna Mair 2023-2024

Godparent Michael Sturm 2023-2024

Godparent Tanja Schmid 2023-2024

Peter Steinbichl 2023- 2025

Godparent Fabian Schaffer 2021-2023

Godparent Lennart an de Meulen 2022- 2023

Godparent Ulrich Schäfer 2022 -2026

Godparent Florian Brunsch 2022 -2023

Godparent Stefan Kohl 2022 -2023

Godparent Rudolf Strobl & Ulrike Lang 2022- 2023

Godparent Rolf Matthies 2022 -2026

Godparent Marcel Broßuleit 2022 -2023

Godparent Helmut Kollreider 2022