Grappa Moscato Giallo 2019

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Grape variety: 100% Moscato Giallo

Description: A muscat grape trumps with its fruity aroma and we can enjoy the same in the grappa. An intense scent of flowers or muscat and due to the ripening in the bottle it also tends to smell of exotic fruits (due to the drying of the grapes). In the drink we also find its fruity exoticism and its persistent taste.

Site: Grapes come from the Magreid site.

Soil: Sandy to gravelly, loamy limestone soils.

Harvest: End of September to beginning of October

Yield: About 40 hl/ha

Vinification: White wine pressing. The selected muscat grapes are dried on the vine or, if necessary, in the canopy, later pressed and used for the sweet wine. While the so-called remainder, the pomace, is then fermented in small vats and distilled twice in our distillery on a water bath.

Shelf life: 10 years and more

Serving temperature: 15 °C

Food pairing: Serving a grappa with a dish sounds very extravagant, but quite exciting. Especially in the dessert area you can serve this Muskateller Grappa with for example a mascarpone cream, which is refined with Muskateller and a few fruits round off the whole thing. We especially recommend the combination with a South Tyrolean goat cheese ( Noagnlailich ) or especially with a Robiola ( Tre Latti goat, sheep, cow cheese) with some fig mustarda.
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