Quality begins with wine-growing

The expression of our wines comes from the microzones of Oltre Adige, Bassa-atesina and a small part of Bolzano!
Our philosophy and objective in the vineyards is to live a respectful viticulture, to support the natural cycles and above all to revive our soils. We are constantly working on this and with the common project of the Agenda 2030 we will achieve step by step a more sustainable cultivation.
We divide our vineyards into two concepts with the names of our 2 lines DeSilva and Amistar.

DeSilva: We work here in our old vineyards with the aim of letting the signature of the soil prevail.

Amistar: Here we are concerned with the signature of the family and thus the memory of our Spanish roots. Extravagance in aroma and taste, the use of a proportion of late harvest and the selection of special grape varieties and sites are the most important goals of the white and red cuvèe. Exceptional wines with a special signature.

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