Lagrein 2022

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Vine variety: 100% Lagrein

Description: This Lagrein is an autochthones vine variety from South Tyrol and is deliberately cultivated in the classical way in order to better get to know the characteristics of the Lagrein. It convinces by the intense fruitiness of cherries and red currants and its pleasant, lasting taste.

Position: Oltreadige is the microzone and the vinyards are around the Caldaro lake. Here again old vines set the tone. Its character is somewhat distinctive from the classical vineyards in Gries, because of different land conditions. That is, the tannic acid structure is more intense, particularly in the first development period, but then it develops to a velvety and harmonic red wine. 224m sea level.

Land: The land is loamier and less sandy.

Harvest: End of September, beginning of October.

Yield: Approx. 75 hl/ha.

Development: Mechanical removal from the stems, traditional mash fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature. Juice extraction is carried out before the stormy fermentation in order to guarantee optimum maceration or extraction in the mash respectively. When fermentation is completed the wine is extracted from the marc and in this case deliberately stored in a stainless steel tank for biological acid degradation.

Shelf life: 5 - 10 years

Serving temperature: 16°C - 18°C.

Food recommendation: A wine which is very well suited to various occasions without dominating, because of its classical manufacturing (only stored in stainless steel). It is recommended as an accompaniment to red meat, to venison and hard cheese.C

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  0,75 lt  |    1,5 lt  |